Giraffe Reflections

Giraffe Reflections

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"In this stunning collection of Ammann's photographs, Peterson… offers an engaging natural history of giraffes, as well as a look at their behavior and beauty."
—Publishers Weekly

"Giraffe Reflections is a stunning compendium of animal photography and entertaining history… The real point of the book is Ammann's gorgeous photos of giraffes, both atmospheric shots and more prosaic ones of the animals going about their business. With Peterson's entertaining text as a filigree, the combination is an emotionally satisfying presentation."
—New Scientist

"Giraffe Reflections is a rare beed in that it excels as a photography book and a work of natural history. Karl Ammann's photographs are riveting but so is Peterson's text."
—Boston Globe

Giraffe Reflections

Co-edited with Marc Bekoff

University of California Press, 2013

Giraffe Reflections, a new book about giraffes, with photography by Karl Ammann, illuminates the world of one of Africa's most beloved and best-known animals. Are we losing giraffes? How is the explosion in human numbers affecting giraffes? What can anyone do to change the situation? Why should we care? Phylogenetic narcissism limits us into thinking of animals according to what they can do for us, and giraffes happen to belong among those animals who are not particularly useful. Elephants are valued for their ivory. Chimpanzees and other primates are important because they mirror the human primate; their genetic closeness to us makes them useful as laboratory animals in biomedical studies or as subjects for anthropological research. Domestic animals bring meat, companionship, and labor. Giraffes, I believe, give us mainly a fleeting sense of their strange and shy beauty. That should be enough.

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